Funsies Play Hire specialises in providing all the equipment and services that transforms any party into an unforgettable occasion. We ensure that all our engagements culminate into a positive customer experience with flexibility being top of mind. A big part of that experience is to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum or within a budget. We also ensure that the delivery of the equipment is on time and in a clean and acceptable condition. To us, it is all about creating fun, especially for the little ones. We can only achieve this through providing you with a service that fulfills all your requirements. Our offering also includes a highly specialised focus on babies and toddlers through the use of soft play toys. This will enhance physical development and communication as seen below.




  • Awakens and lays the foundation for creativity and the use of imagination.
  • Stimulates sensory development.
  • Develops motor planning and gross motor skills.
  • Enables physical movement and exercise through play.
  • Encourages communication and interaction (thus, improves speech and language skills).
  • Encourages exploration.